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# A Rust Site Engine
A Rust Site Engine, or `arse`, is static site generator written in Rust. It seeks to provide a simple
and flexible base for serving sites using:
* [Tera]( for templates
* [pulldown-cmark]( for CommonMark rendering
* [routerify]( to serve the site
* [simplecss]( for default styling
* [rss]( for generating a full-site RSS feed
## Usage
* Run an existing site given the path to its config TOML: `arse run config.toml`
* Logging verbosity can be increased with `-v` or `-vv`, the default level is `INFO`.
* Create and run a new site from user input: `arse new`
$ arse new
2021-05-01T17:34:11.155427589+00:00 [INFO] Logging started
2021-05-01T17:34:11.155543182+00:00 [INFO] Generating new site configuration
Please enter a name for the site:
Example Site
Please enter the site author's name:
Arthur Writeson
Please enter the base URL for your site:
Please enter comma-separated site topics:
one, two, three
2021-05-01T17:34:26.501980660+00:00 [INFO] Creating site filesystem tree
2021-05-01T17:34:26.504816188+00:00 [INFO] Writing site configuration to disk
### Configuration
An example config, as generated, is shown below:
name = 'Example Site'
author = 'Arthur Writeson'
url = ''
template = 'default.tmpl'
topics = [
bind = ''
port = 9090
templates = '/home/user/site/templates'
webroot = '/home/user/site/webroot'
#### Rendering and Styling
A default template, `default.tmpl`, is provided statically within the binary. To change the Tera
template, add your custom template to the templates directory referenced in the `[docpaths]` configuration
section of `config.toml`. Once the template is in the templates directory, change the `templates` parameter
in the `[site]` configuration section to reference the template's file name. This template will now be loaded
at runtime.
The following elements are available within the Tera context for rendering:
* `site`, mapping directly to the fields available in the `site` configuration section
* `post`, available when serving single-posts from from `site/:topic/posts/`
* Used when serving `GET /:topic/posts/:post` where `:post` is the markdown filename minus its extension
* `posts`, a lexically reverse-sorted list of HTML rendered from markdown in `site/:topic/posts/*.md`
* Used when serving `GET /:topic`
#### Further Customizations
* `bind` and `port` may be set in the `[server]` section.
* New topics are added as array elements
* For each new topic, create the necessary paths `site/:topic/posts` and `site/:topic/ext`
* Items in `[docpaths]` are generated as full paths for completeness, however relative paths will work if desired
* From the example above the user is free to simply use `site/templates` and `site/webroot` and move the directory out of `/home/user`
* Note that `arse new` creates the site tree, and all other output files, in the current working directory.
* If `gallery` is one of the topics requested
* A simple image slideshow will be generated for `/gallery/ext/*.jpg`
* Display will follow the same lexical reverse order as posts.
## Path to 1.0
- [x] Dynamic route handling
- [x] Provide meaningful logging of binary activites at appropriate levels
- [x] Context-specific Errors and handling
- [x] Support custom Tera templates
- [x] Support custom bind address and port
- [x] Support favicons
- [x] Support a special `gallery` topic
- [x] Support RSS feeds
- [ ] Support for adding/removing topics
### License
Licensed under either of
* Apache License, Version 2.0, ([LICENSE-APACHE](LICENSE-APACHE) or
at your option.
### Contribution
Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted
for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any
additional terms or conditions.
### Contact
To discuss features, offer assistance, or get help please join the project's [Matrix room](