First working version #11

ajmartinez merged 13 commits from routes into main 3 years ago

Provides basic core functionality.

Provides basic core functionality.
ajmartinez added 13 commits 3 years ago
d5c21318f7 Generate AppConfig from user input
- Add auth::generate_alphanum_password
- Use above when generating AppConfig from user input
- Add TODO doc comments to public interface
fb2b39aeb2 Refactor again for a more logical AppConfig::generate() method
- Write password to read-only file rather than stdout closing
- Creates the directory structure, may still refactor more
- Fixes #1
f3ab948253 Add dependencies for logging, testing, pw hashing
- Closes #4
- Closes #6
- Improves test coverage
- Adds password hashing
- Adds totp token generation
f5e680322a Create routes with routerify, reach base MVP
- Closes #1 directory structure is generated by `new` subcommand
- Closes #2 dynamic routes created and verified
- Closes #4 generated config loads and runs the site as defined

Fixes #1
Fixes #2
Fixes #4
Fixes #6
Fixes #9
Fixes #10

Fixes #1 Fixes #2 Fixes #4 Fixes #6 Fixes #9 Fixes #10
ajmartinez merged commit f746259236 into main 3 years ago
ajmartinez deleted branch routes 3 years ago
The pull request has been merged as f746259236.
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